Sunday, 20 May 2012


My last shot took me 6 days to animate, most shots are animated in one or two days (disregarding the time it takes setting up the set).
Right now I'm preparing the last 3 scenes of the movie (about 14 shots). These shots are some of the most important ones for my film.

 A still from my last shot:

So there's alot of pressure to get them right!
Besides preparing the shots I also have alot of post-production work to do. 95% of the shots are shot with a greenscreen, and not all shots key out that well. Sometimes I get holes in my robot, which I have to patch up.
Otherwise some shots may look like this:

Notice the small orange dots (click to see it better), sometimes there's alot, sometimes there's none. Kinda looks like acne.

Some behind the scenes pics:

 My animating table is a huge mess as you can see. Lot's of mouth/neck replacements in this shot.

This is him after finishing the shot, I don't think he's that exited about animation anymore than I am!

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