Thursday, 11 February 2010

Space Wolf

It's been a while since I've posted something, because I'm lazy!
So here's a quicky with some stuff I've had laying around for a while, for Werewolves of London.
The project is on pause now and will be changed drastically, instead of becoming a full videoclip it will be a shot promo animation.

I jumped in a bit too quickly without thinking about how long a 4 minute animated videoclip was going to take. But I was a bit desperate to work on something because I wasn't running/doing (however you say it in English) an internship like the rest of my class.

Enough talking, more watching:

It's an astronaut! I designed him to be a bit steampunk-ishy. His legs are a little bit short but once I make the clay version it will be corrected! There's actually a werewolf inside, but he's reluctant to take off his helmet, can't blame him to be honest.

He get's to fly this spiffy spaceship: