Saturday, 21 November 2009


Klaj is featured on HKU's very own blog .unstblog, not that I won a prize or anything. You can send in your own work and if they'll like it they put it online. It's nice since more people can get to see your work!

I also submitted Klaj to If you send in your work to dropstuff it has a chance to be chosen to be broadcasted in a glass house that travels around the Netherlands. Or something like that, it's still a bit vague to me but it's also a nice way to reach more people with your work. You can vote on Klaj by clicking this link. I'm not sure if the ratings have any effect in if you get chosen or not, but it's worth a try :p

I originally wanted to make a post about Frank and his many versions that I have used in my animations so far. But since my little cousin borrowed my puppet for a school presentation, I have to wait to get it back so I can take some pictures of it.
I could also scan in some more drawings, but I still have to figure out some of my future projects, since my internship at Beast Animation ended a few weeks ago.

So I still have to figure out what I'm going to do next, and I'm still waiting for some emails from my teachers and other animators.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

First post EVER!

Oh my gosh! My very first post on this here new blogspot....BLOG!

I actually have no idea what to write here, at the moment I don't really have anything to say, at least no things that make sense at all...

So instead I'll post two fresh new drawings!

It's a puker! Wow! Gross! Etc! People who know me and who have seen my latest animation will start to think I have a vomit fetish or something.

This one speaks for itself, me and some class/schoolmates are planning to make a little zombie movie. There just HAS to be a zombie clown in it because:

A. Clowns are scary as hell, let alone a zombie clown

B. I like to see them die in a gruesome way

C. I HATE clowns (see B)