Friday, 30 September 2011

Set Building & Animating 2

Some photo's of the set from the previous post, from a different angle.

Set 1 False Perspective

Set 1 False Perspective

Set 1 False Perspective

The size and proportions where all done by hand, looking through the image capture application. For the dirt road I used string and needles so I could adjust the road to get the right false perspective, before actually painting the road.
For this shot I had to create some mini props, like the rocks you see in the distance, and the streetlights. The most fun however was trying to make an even thinier car wreck than my other car props.

Car Wreck miniature + mini miniature

The material is quite delicate, so cutting out the tiny windows was quite the challenge. If I had the time I would have put some wheels on it, but the car is too far away to notice that anyway.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Set Building & Animating

Finally, animating!
I started building the first (and might I add the largest) set for my film a few weeks ago, unfortunately I got ill for a few days, so the process was a bit slow.
It was quite tricky because it's a false perspective shot :)

The following shot is the first shot of my film.


To show you the scale of my set.

Shot 1 working

It's still the raw unkeyed and uncomposited version of this shot, but here it is, I animated the focus-pull by hand. Check the full HD version!

My next post will feature some making of pics of the set, to show you how the set looks from different perspective.

Sunday, 4 September 2011


I've been way too lazy/busy (yes, that sounds very contradicting) to post lately! Some more props and buildings were made. I made two checklists, one for my storyboard (of which I finished the final version about a month ago), and a how-many-thing-do-I-still-have-to-build checklist.
The latter is almost finished, and soon I will start setting up the sets and props in the studio. I still have some setbuilding to go though. I need to paint the boards for the setfloors, some additional props and mess around with the greenscreen/lighting set-up some more.

My estimate is that I will be animating my first shot in about 2 weeks.

Here some props:

A radio tower.

And a building, there will be little dancing people in it.