Sunday, 26 June 2011


Update time! New robot pictures!
Ofcourse it's not done yet.. this is just a dry assembly, I need to gleu some of the joint parts to the puppet and make sure the joints are nice and comfy/tight.

Robot progress 7

Robot progress 8

Robot progress 6

Robot progress 9

Robot progress 10

As you can see I still have to finish the mouth replacements, and the eyelids.
I'm still surprised that I made the robot so heavy, shouldn't have used that much wood. I'll need to build a supporting rig in case the robot needs to stand on one leg.

Also, I had my first exam last week, but they gave me half a year extra to finish my film. Which I'm glad about because I became too stressed out lately.
It's good to know that I have enough time to animate properly and fine tune my film :)


  1. Wauw! De robot ziet er super mooi uit! Ik ben heel benieuwd naar de film die je ermee gaat maken.Veel succes! groetjes digna

  2. Ziet er geweldig uit man! Waar heb je de ball&sockets vandaan? Lijkt wel mat staal. Zet 'm op man!

  3. Bedankt digna en balder :)
    Ik heb de ball & sockets van, een goedkoop alternatief voor armatures.

    Heb een van die gasten nog op annecy gesproken, kreeg zelfs korting op hun pro armature :)