Thursday, 11 February 2010

Space Wolf

It's been a while since I've posted something, because I'm lazy!
So here's a quicky with some stuff I've had laying around for a while, for Werewolves of London.
The project is on pause now and will be changed drastically, instead of becoming a full videoclip it will be a shot promo animation.

I jumped in a bit too quickly without thinking about how long a 4 minute animated videoclip was going to take. But I was a bit desperate to work on something because I wasn't running/doing (however you say it in English) an internship like the rest of my class.

Enough talking, more watching:

It's an astronaut! I designed him to be a bit steampunk-ishy. His legs are a little bit short but once I make the clay version it will be corrected! There's actually a werewolf inside, but he's reluctant to take off his helmet, can't blame him to be honest.

He get's to fly this spiffy spaceship:


  1. Hey Kasper. Heb je geen stage? Jammer man :( Kon je er geen vinden?

    Komen de afbeeldingen uit Flash? (Ziet er vector uit). Ben je je short in Flash aan het maken?

    Ze zoeken nog animatoren bij Mediamonks mocht je desperate toch nog snel een stage plek nodig hebben. Just so you know!



    ps, je bent gefollowed

  2. Heb nu een stageplek bij Carambolas in Utrecht gevonden, maar bedankt voor de tip!

    Dit was even snel concept art in photoshop, wilde iets straks hebben dus ik besloot vectoren te gebruiken. Het is de bedoeling dat het uiteindelijke karakter in klei-reliƫf stijl wordt gesculpt :)