Saturday, 7 November 2009

First post EVER!

Oh my gosh! My very first post on this here new blogspot....BLOG!

I actually have no idea what to write here, at the moment I don't really have anything to say, at least no things that make sense at all...

So instead I'll post two fresh new drawings!

It's a puker! Wow! Gross! Etc! People who know me and who have seen my latest animation will start to think I have a vomit fetish or something.

This one speaks for itself, me and some class/schoolmates are planning to make a little zombie movie. There just HAS to be a zombie clown in it because:

A. Clowns are scary as hell, let alone a zombie clown

B. I like to see them die in a gruesome way

C. I HATE clowns (see B)


  1. The puker looks kinda familiar...

    diggin' the clown "set as background"


  2. Awesome. Looking forward to more puke-fetish posts. I mean, ehr.. posts.

  3. Right on!! Clown's are Scary! Did you see "IT"!!!

    (Toch maar andere browser Kasp! Google Chrome)

  4. Haha, yeah.. IT caused my hate for clowns. I used to be really scared of him popping up in the shower (that scene still gives me the creeps!).

  5. Look behind you... Did you see him?